Hajj Guider

Making Hajj and Umrah Safer Through Technology!

The band works alone but couple it with the mobile to get access to advanced features.

Hajj Guider is a wearable technology

Hajj Guider is Daira Tech's first product. Using in-house wearable technology, Hajj Guider promises to make Hajj & Umrah safer and simpler for pilgrims. Millions of pilgrims face numerous problems every year including getting lost, injured and losing their lives.

Every year 8 to 10 million Muslims gather at Mecca to perform pilgrimage (Hajj and Umrah). As such with any large gathering:

  • People get lost

  • They get hurt and some lose their life

  • Loose track of dependents

  • Invariably get confused about what steps to perform next or what to do next.

Our band will provide basic functionality such as tracking, voice communication and emergency/panic button. However, for advanced functionality we also have a smartphone application. The application and the band can work in tandem or completely separately. The best experience will be driven from tandem usage of both items.

The mobile application allows users to navigate offline, setup groups, track friends and family and create custom geo fences. The mobile application will also act as a basic guide during Hajj or Umrah telling users what they have to do next or which ritual is supposed to be performed next.

Wear our band and forget about the hassles of Hajj



Every year 8-10 millions Muslims congregate at Mecca to perform Hajj & Umrah. As with any such gathering, thousands of people get lost, hundreds get injured and many lose their lives




Ability to book travel packages for Hajj & Umrah.


Communicate via voice messages over a range of 2 to 4 Km

Geo Fence

Custom Geo fences for family and friends


More than 5 days of battery life


Track friends and family


Based on GPRS, GSM, Bluetooth and Zigbee


Offline Navigation Services


Emergency / Panic Button


Dubai Silicon Oasis

Oaisis 500, Jordan

PITB Plan 9

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